• Taxing Our Bicycles

    The Associated Press ran a story yesterday about Chicago councilwoman Pat Dowell who proposed a $25 per year tax on bicycles and a one-hour safety course. The idea was generally debated along party lines — cyclists saying no, automobile drivers saying yes — until summarily dismissed by everyone.  It’s too bad it wasn’t given more…

  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays!

    I had a teacher in high school who celebrated every holiday regardless of ethnicity, country, history, or ideology.  The man loved life and people, and took any opportunity he could find to celebrate each and every one.  It’s a good philosophy. From all of the riders and sherpas of Hot Giraffe Cycling to all of…

  • Mon petit soigner.  He'll make a fine Knight one day.

    I Want To Be a Knight

    My bicycle would be my steed, my lovely wife the damsel in distress, and my son would be my squire.  I’ve got it all figured out, and in my mind it is glorious. I’ve decided to undergo a quest to become a Knight of Sufferlandria.  But I’m not going alone; my ever faithful friend and…

  • Alert: Missing/Stolen Bicycle

    Alert: Missing/Stolen Bicycle

    This was posted on FaceBook at about 10:30 a.m. EST by our good friends at Dash Bicycle in Providence, RI.  Contact them if you have any information via FaceBook, email, Twitter, or phone at (401) 453-3274. “Yet another stolen bike alert, Providence. A friend of the shop had her daily commuter, a sage green CIVIA,…

  • Picture from Fast CoExist

    A Bicycle That Thinks It’s a Tree

    Several caring people fed my bicycle obsession today with links on a prototype bicycle that filters polluted air and creates new oxygen.  This is totally better than a wooden bike, which, since the tree it came from is no longer living, can do neither of those things.  Slacker tree.  The best part is, if it…

  • Whoever Believes Giraffes and Bicycles Don’t Mix Has Never Been on the Internet

    Whoever Believes Giraffes and Bicycles Don’t Mix Has Never Been on the Internet

    Our site has been up for a few days and so I couldn’t resist the urge to search for the term “Hot Giraffe Cycling” (without quotes) to see what came up.  For those not already in the know, the Internet is a strange and marvelous place. Here’s some of the more interesting and relevant things…

  • Your Somewhat Regular Dose of Bike Porn

    It’s a little funny to see Danny MacAskill on a road bike, he seems a little uncomfortable with the idea, but doesn’t stop him from being his amazing self.  Stay tuned to the credits for some outtakes. It’s just what the Giraffe ordered.  Enjoy.    

  • A Safe Giraffe is a Hot Giraffe

    I saw the below video over at Cycling Tips.  It’s the latest in an ongoing campaign to urge drivers to be more aware of cyclists sharing the road.  I think it’s one of the better pieces so far produced. On a related note, we were recently approved as an affiliate for RoadID.  Most of us have…

  • T’s First Half Marathon Update

    T’s First Half Marathon Update

    T reports that she finished in about 02:21:32, which is faster than what she had planned.  Hooray!  She’s out there in the cold doing our tower proud.  Well done, T!

  • T at the start of her first half marathon.

    Good luck, Giraffe!

    Good luck to T who’s running in her first half marathon today!  Run with the strength of a 1,000 Hot Giraffes.  In a not unrelated mention, good luck to Frank as sherpa.  T and Frank are switching roles, less the bicycle, from the Harbor to the Bay last September.